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Fresh /freSH/:
adjective: 1. recently made or obtained; not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved. 2. not previously used; new or different. 3. full of energy and vigor.
slang: cool, hip, fun

Well... looks like we qualify on all fronts!

Important Health & Safety Information
Per Washington public health order, facial coverings are required when in public spaces, both indoors and outdoors where unable to physically distance from others.

The wellbeing and health of our team members and guests is always of paramount importance to us here at The FINCH. In light of COVID-19, we've upped our sanitation game even further. And we've never been more thankful for the exterior corridors, windows, and open-air patios that exist across our property and open directly to Walla Walla's pure fresh air. Being Walla Walla's newest hotel, our rooms haven't even seen a full year of service, and are sparkling clean and brand new. With a downtown location, getting to your next destination is always just a hop-skip away, and our FINCH Guides have mastered new methods of guest service via text and other contactless options. One thing that hasn't changed through all of this is our service mantra from day one of opening: making sure your stay with us is an exceptional experience filled with the best of all that is Walla Walla.

Want to know even more? Let us go on...

Here are some of the service enhancements we've made to adjust with the times:

Through our management company, Columbia Hospitality, we've taken our already stringent safety and sanitation protocols to the next level through the Columbia Clean program.

Columbia Clean


If you have any questions about Health & Safety at The FINCH, please contact 509.956.4994 and ask for the Manager on Duty.


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